Sunday, April 8, 2018

Cozy Book Groups  and New Releases
     I always wondered where I could find book groups that loved cozies as much as I did.  I looked at my local library for a book group, but they didn't read the books I love.  So I turned to Facebook.  There I found so many groups that loved cozies as much as I do that it was hard to chose which groups to join.  I have joined many and have enjoyed them all.  It's been so much fun to discuss mysteries with others who love them as much as I do.  I also found so many new authors to read.  It's been great fun. 
     But where do I start you might wonder.  Well, I signed into Facebook and started looking.  I put cozy mystery book club into the search bar and some popped up.  When I joined one soon others started showing up to join.  There's many out there.  They just need to be found.  The people in these groups are so much fun and love cozies as much as I do.  They lead me to new authors and books.

  Another thing I love is when my favorite author has a new release coming out.  I just got the new Tea Shop mystery Plum Tea Crazy by Laura Childs and can't wait to read it.  There are many new releases out there.  I usually keep up with authors on Facebook, but I also use Cozy Mystery List.
It's a wonderful site to find releases or books by different authors.  I love this website.  I've found it very useful.  The link is below.

     Linda Reilly also has a new book out called Escape Claws from Kensington Publishing.  I also eager to read this book as well.  She has another series out.  They are the Deep Fried mystery series.  I also recommend this one too.  She is another of my favorite authors.  Here's a link to her web page to check out all of her wonderful books.
    Well I hope you can find a cozy mystery group and book that you love.
     Happy reading.


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